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EMPATHEIA is a medicine which takes its name from the Latin word meaning empathy, is used to activate the hormone that enables us to empathize with people around us and to cope with emotions and situations such as marginalization, homophobia, and hatred. 

I wrote a mock prospectus, drawing inspiration from a genuine one. I fabricated chemical substance names like "emaphore", "sevaphore", each with fictitious functions and incorporated real hormones with their respective functions. Also, I crafted the pharmaceutical packaging and utilized the rainbow flag as the logo.

The purpose of this conceptual product design is to emphasize that homosexuality is not an illness and, conversely, that homophobia can be overcome with unconditional love and empathy. When conveying this message, I chose to use irony to express the gravity of the situation.

EMPATHEIA was exhibited at the BASE New Artist Platform in 2018.

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