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Untitled: Projeler

I have been in search of the trace of some concepts such as communication, belonging and reliance between bilateral relations in the ordinary details of daily life. This search has emerged as a result of the witnessing process which spreading to a relatively long period of time. In this aforesaid process, I have observed what kind of alternative ways people can find when they cannot communicate effectively and how these ways are converted into a systematic aspect in time through the objects and actions. While the object creates the source which helps the realization of action, action has converted into a tool.

In these six-part series, which focus on the relationship profile that led me questioning concept of communication over the daily life objects and actions, I have been re-analysing the moments/details, which are repeated in specific periods, by abstracting them from the place that they have been, like cut-out, with a look from outside. 

Within the frame work of the witnessing, representation and relooking, the six different moments, mentioned above are in the act of six different “defective” video loop whose beginning and ending points can be discerned. In these loops, the actions which realize in certain situations and convert into the ways of communication are seen. They have shaped peculiar to the relation in time. 

These moments, which are cut off from the places that are related, have been re-acted by professional performers. It has been focussed on the objects and actions by leaving the sound out like place. 

Alternative communication tools, reflex-based escape points, moments of finding one’s tongue and speechlessness, body language, camouflage…


Cemre Buğra Ün

Orhan Cem Çetin

Özgür Doğa Görürgöz

Untitled: Metin
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