Born in Istanbul, 1991.

After graduating from both Mathematics-Computer Sciences and Graphic Design departments at Bahcesehir University, completed MA degree of Graphic Design at Yeditepe University in 2018.

Attended a comtemporary illustration course which is held by “Illustrative Today: Independent Art and Culture Organization” and tutored by the artist Saeed Ensafi, between 2015-2016.

Has been producing independent art projects and commissioned works (book cover designs, theater poster designs etc.) since 2016.

2020, Izole Project 

2019, 38th Graphic Design Exhibition, Tophane-i Amire Culture and Art Center, Istanbul

2018, Base New Artist Platform, Galata Greek School, Istanbul

2018, 37th Graphic Design Exhibition, Union of Turkish Engineers and Architects, Istanbul

2017, International Cancer Week Poster Exhibition, Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Canakkale

2016, Personal Experience; Tehran to Istanbul, Illustrative Today Art Gallery, Istanbul


2020, Concept Development Workshop I - 4 weeks, Orhan Cem Cetin, Bum Atolye (participant)

2020, Photography Workshop for Artists - 14 weeks, Orhan Cem Cetin, Karsi Sanat Calismalari (participant)

2019, History of Modern Art - 4 weeks, Firat Arapoglu, Moda Sahnesi (participant)

2019, Intersection and Interaction of Contemporary Performing Arts with Visual Arts - 4 weeks, Can Bora, Moda Sahnesi (participant)

2018, Women Artists in Art History and Transformation of Women's Image - 4 weeks, Seda Yavuz, Moda Sahnesi (participant) 

2018, Read-Call-Design (Book Cover Design) Workshop, FADA Workshop Week, MEF University (tutor)

2017, Image of Time and Space Workshop, FADA Workshop Week, MEF University (tutor)

2016, The Dreams Workshop, TEGV (tutor)