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Working on the concepts I focus on began with me taking notes on behaviors I noticed repeating cyclically in my parents' relationship. This situation led me to observe both the relationships I've built and those around me. I started to take an interest in how people react naturally in different situations. With the source of these reactions, their connection to objects, people's expressions, and the analysis of these expressions... In this context, reflexes, gestures, facial expressions, body movements, control mechanisms, and objects come into play as areas of research. My interest is driven by a desire to get to know people, and this desire finds its origin in the concept of trust. Trust influences communication styles and raises questions about the concept of belonging. Thus, my practice is built upon these three concepts (trust, communication, belonging) that spin this web.

The notes I mentioned have allowed me to see the potential of what ordinary moments can reveal about human relationships and reactions. Therefore, these moments define the frame of my observation. We all perform with different identities in our daily lives. I pursue the moments when we step out of these performances. By creating scenarios based on the observed moments, infused with a driving force, I anticipate the reactions that will unfold on the stage. My aim is to record videos of generated situations where individuals step out of their performances, to observe natural reactions within the fictional moments. By staging these moments, the idea of what I can achieve both conceptually and aesthetically when I revisit them excites me. This experimental process encompasses countless possibilities.

Artist Statement: Biyografi
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