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100 Different Quadratic Derivatives: Projeler

"100 Different Quadratic Derivatives" is an experiment aimed at visualizing the uniqueness and diversity of the perception experience. This work is based on "visual perception-based bodily/physical imitation." It takes derivatives of an artwork through different participants.

In search of a starting point conducive to visual perception and physical imitation, I selected a hand drawing from my existing works. As a second step, I brought together this artwork and 100 volunteers in a studio setting who were willing to interact with it. Participants individually examined the artwork, attempting to grasp its essence: some observed it more closely, while others did so more casually; some imitated the posture meticulously, while others did it superficially, experimenting with different approaches. Throughout this preparation process, there was a series of empathetic experiences in which the meaning of the artwork was questioned, physical skills were used to their fullest, and those with accessories suggested removing them. Participants, once they were sure they had imitated the image perfectly, gave their approval for the photos to be taken.

Imitation was the guiding keyword that directed the process and defined the boundaries of the resulting outcomes.

The time spent examining the artwork, perceptual and physical differences, and the skills in imitating hand movements made each imitation unique. It was particularly exciting for me when participants were confident they had imitated the artwork faithfully. The 100 derivatives obtained through "imitation" of an artwork became a series that questions individuals' perceptions and experiential processes.

Special thanks to Müge Kahraman, Nazlı Eda Noyan, Neslihan İmamoğlu

100 Different Quadratic Derivatives: Metin
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